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Golden Jubilee Wedding 50th Anniversary Mass

June 18th, 2017 – 2:00 PM |  St. Patrick’s Cathedral

Registration Is Now Closed

We encourage parishes to register their couples early.


Parish Registration


Note: Jubilee Couples must be registered through their parish. Registrations not submitted through the couple’s parish will not be valid.

Parishes should submit this online registration form for each couple celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary during the 2017 calendar year. For help with submitting this form, or for any other questions, call us at (646) 794-3190.

On the day of the Mass, seating will be reserved in the front and in the center aisle pews for Jubilee couples and one guest (additional guests are invited to sit/stand outside the reserved section). We will be distributing tickets that Jubilee couples (and their one guest) are required to bring to the Mass they are attending.  Each Jubilee couple will receive one ticket good for admitting three people (Jubilee couple plus one). Tickets will be sent to parishes on or around June 1st, 2017. (Tickets are not required for families and additional guests of Jubilee couples seated in areas outside the reserved section.)

Couples may desire a Papal blessing (a blessing from the Pope) to commemorate this special anniversary. Receiving this may take months following a request. To learn how to obtain a Papal blessing, download these instructions. (DOC, PDF) We congratulate our Jubilee couples on their beautiful testament to life-long love and fidelity! We look forward to celebrating their commitment this summer.

Please note that for the purposes of this registration, 1 Attendee = 1 Jubilee couple ticket.

St. Patrick’s Cathedral is wheelchair accessible; however, wheelchairs are not provided.

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